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Brow Masterclass

By Jade

Over 10 years in the brow industry, Jades techniques are combined with her self taught methods and experience training with renowned international brow artists. Jade created Brow Bible Academy for all experience and aspiring brow artists. After years of requests she’s excited to be sharing her knowledge of the industry and techniques with you all. Jade is giving you something really exclusive that will be sure to give you life time value.

What does the Online Brow Henna Masterclass involve?

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Frequently asked questions

The first release of Jades brow masterclass has been created for experienced brow artists, but we encourage all aspiring brow artists who are wanting to start in the industry to complete the masterclass as there are lots of great tips and tricks that will help the process of learning the art of brow shaping and deliver results. The key to success is to never stop learning!

When choosing to purchase the masterclass you will have the choice to select only the masterclass or add the essential brow kit for an additional $225.

1x Brunette Henna (serves around 50 clients)
1x Blonde Henna (serves around 50 clients)
1x Brow brush
1x Precision Brow pencil
1x Brow Highlighter
1x Brow gel
1x Brow Mapping Thread

All participants will be awarded a certificate of completion after a week of receiving the masterclass. The certificate is not an accredited or nationally recognised qualification. We recommend a minimum basic wax and tint course which will certify you with a government accreditation.

Yes, you have lifetime access to the material (pause, rewind and go back to any part at any time.)

After years of requests Jade is proud to be releasing her first online masterclass explaining thoroughly the fundamentals of the brow henna application. In her masterclass she will be covering:

• Downloadable manual
• Life time techniques for yourself and your clients.
• Work area set up
• What is brow henna
• Client consultation
• Mapping of the brows
• Custom colour blending
• Client colour selection
• Henna application
• Achieving sharp crisp brows with henna
• Jades signature ombre technique
• Colour correction
• Precision finishing technique
• Aftercare

Jades 10 years’ industry experience is combined with her self-taught methods and training with renowned international brow artists. Jade created brow bible academy for all experience and aspiring brow artists. You have the luxury of learning at your own pace, pause, rewind and go back to any part at any time. Incorporating this high demand service will elevate more cash flow into your business, henna is a great service to upsell to your clients.