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Preparing for a wedding, bridesmaid and the bride came to the Koko team. We were not disappointed, coming from London and Sydney , we were so impressed with the boutique, service and the lashes were so beautiful, I would even rate it better than any lashes I've had done in London. Thank you Koko team, p.s- London needs a boutique like you!

Ana Pribylova


I got my feather touch tattoo done by Abby and I'm already in love with my new eyebrows! Abby is such a lovely girl and a real perfectionist when it comes to shaping and tattooing eyebrows. But not only Abby is super friendly and made me feel very comfortable, the whole salon has a very arm and welcoming feeling to it. Would definitely recommend this place to veryone looking to get their eyebrows one :) Thank you so much again Abby!! See you in a couple of weeks for the touch up ppointment :)

Vivi Prien

Sunshine Coast

One word, wow. I have been going to Abby for over a year now and wouldn't trust anyone else. She completely transformed by brows.... and my life! Love everyone in the store, great work!

Lucy Smith


So in love with my new feathered tattooed brows by Jade! Thankyou so much.

Laura Rose Swan


Omg I have eyebrows! Thanks so much Sam I love them can't stop looking in the mirror! #blondeproblems #solved

Stacky Jay

Sunshine Coast

A massive Thank You to Abby for making my brows look like the bomb! After constant massive fails from other beauticians that didn't really care... I have finally found the perfect tech. They are now looking full and fantastic! Thank god I found you. ♡

Abii Serjeant


FAQ for Cosmetic Brow Tattooing

It's $785 that includes your 4-6 week touch up with a brow wax and tidy.

Up to 2 years, please keep in mind everyone holds the pigment differently. We recommend to come in once a year to freshen up the colour.

You will be applying a barrier cream 2-3 times a day up to 2 weeks, avoiding water & makeup. Most clients heal within 10 days.

The procedure of measuring up your brows & tattooing will take around 2 hours.

Yes we have a wide variety of colours that we colour match to be suitable for your skin & hair colour.

Everyone's pain thresholds are different, around 90% of clients don't find it painful but have described it to be a slight sting.

Unfortunately you can not have any tattoos or cosmetic tattooing while pregnant or breastfeeding.

No it is not. Microblading does not penetrate as deep into the skin like a tattoo gun, this is why the pigment does not last as long as a normal tattoo.

We most certainly do NOT! We simply microblade through the hair.

The legal age to have any tattoos or cosmetic tattooing in Australia is age 18.

No they are not. They can be red immediately after the procedure but that only lasts no long then a few hours.

Yes you will still need to maintain your brow shape by coming in for brow waxes. We are only applying pigment into your skin which does not effect the growth of the hair.

Microblading, feather touch tattooing & hair stroke tattooing are all the same procedure, they are all used with a microblade to achieve a natural hair stroke look through the brow.