Home Maintenance Brow Tutorial & Home Care Kit

Home Maintenance Brow Tutorial & Home Care Kit

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We super excited that we can be helping maintain as many brows as possible. We don’t want anyone hacking into their brows and ruining a beautiful shape. It’s not quite the same as receiving our luxury Brow Sculptures but it will sure help you get through this hard time.

Join us for a fun filled tutorial showing you all the hot tips on how to maintain your brows at home.


What’s included:
1. Online Brow Maintenance tutorial video
2. Life time access
3. Tools & products to maintain your brows
4. Downloadable instructions

What you received in your home care kit:
• Angle brush & Spoolie
• Tweezers
• Brow pencil
• Brow Gel
• Highlighter
• Fine wooden tool (to help with mapping your brows)

Subjects that will be covered:
• What you shouldn’t do to your brows
• Growing your brows out
• Cleansing the brow area
• Mapping
• Trimming
• Tweezing
• Highlighting
• Filling in your brows
• Brow Styling

For just an additional $55 add a brow & lash growth serum to your kit, Normally priced at $89.

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